Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic Surgery for Delayed Wound Healing After Achilles Tendon Suture Repair: A Report of Three Cases

Delayed wound healing or poor healing is a potential complication after Achilles tendon suture repair. Non‐surgical methods are suitable for patients with mild symptoms, such as the use of sulfadiazine silver cream and negative pressure wound treatment. However, for patients who cannot be cured with non‐surgical treatments, the conventional treatment is open surgery. Debridement is used in surgery, and the wound is kept open for routine irrigation and dressing after the surgery until the tissue defect is repaired several days later. We pioneered the use of arthroscopy to treat patients with delayed wound healing after Achilles tendon suture repair. This article reports on three patients with delayed Achilles tendon wound healing who were treated with arthroscopy in our institution. We summarize our experience in treating the abovementioned patients and evaluate the advantages of arthroscopic treatment.

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